St Andrews Chiropractic

Slotline House

Largo Road

St Andrews


KY16 8NJ 

07957 686118

Please note that there are no card payment facilities at Slotline House. Payments can be made via cheque or cash. 

Directions from St Andrews: Proceed down the Largo Road, take a left turn into Tom Morris Drive (just before Aldi) then the first right into Tom Stewart Lane (signposted Country Carpets). Follow the road past Bassaguard Garage and keep right to come into the parking behind Slotline House. Our parking is near the Plumb Centre. Walk through to the left of the Plumb Centre and Slotline House is on your left. If no spaces are available then roadside parking is plentiful nearby. Please note that our parking can be busy during the working day so do leave enough time to find alternate parking if needed. When you reach Slotline House, press the 'St Andrews Chiropractic' buzzer to the left of the door and I will buzz you in. The Clinic is located on the first floor, Unit 6.1. Turn right at the top of the stairs, pass the toilets, 4th door on the right. Come through the first door and have a seat in the waiting room. I will be with you at your appointment time.

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