Mechanical neck pain

The neck (cervical spine) is an area that can be problematic for many people. Occasionally the onset of neck pain is acute and traumatic (such as a road traffic accident) but more often it will come on gradually or after an apparently minor event. Stress can play a part in many cases of neck pain.


There are many different causes for neck pain. Most cases of neck pain aren't caused by serious damage or disease but by minor sprains, strains and injuries. If the nerves of the upper limb are irritated by problems in the neck and shoulder region then pain can be referred into the arm or hand.


Symptoms vary widely from person to person and can be anything from a dull ache to a sharp, stabbing pain. Pain can be present only on movement or can be there regardless of activity. Stiffness and restricted range of motion is a very common complaint alongside neck pain. Pain can spread from the neck across the shoulders, between the shoulder blades or even into the arm depending on what structures are involved. Pins and needles in the arms and hands from nerve irritation can also be a feature associated with neck pain.

Some individuals experience headaches in combination with their neck pain, these are termed ‘cervicogenic headaches’ 

Your chiropractor will use orthopaedic, neurological and muscular tests to establish the cause of your problem and ensure that you are given the correct treatment.


The treatment of neck pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Your chiropractor is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of neck problems and to recognise problems which may need a referral back to the GP or to another health care professional.

Chiropractic is widely recognised as a cost effective and evidence based approach to acute and chronic neck pain. After a full assessment during which your chiropractor will diagnose the cause of your current symptoms, gentle adjustments will be made to your body.

As part of your chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will discuss with you ways in which you can avoid future problems with your neck. Recommendations may include exercise and lifestyle advice.

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