Normally your first session will take approximately an hour. During this time we will:

  • Take a full case history, assessing your general health, previous conditions and existing symptoms.
  • Ask your permission to conduct a physical examination (this will include neurological and orthopaedic tests, if necessary)
  • Establish a working diagnosis of your presenting problem and a treatment plan with your agreement.
  • Make a number of gentle adjustments either manually or with an instrument. 
  • Offer advice on exercise, self-help and lifestyle.

In some instances, we may need to ask you to remove some clothing. Privacy and a gown are provided if needed, but do tell us if you feel uncomfortable about undressing.

If at any point we discover or suspect a serious condition that requires GP or hospital intervention, we will refer as appropriate.

Remember your body will respond well to consideration, kindness and care. It is a good idea to avoid vigorous activities for 24 hours following your treatment.

'Gentle, no-nonsense Chiropractic'
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