Frequently Asked Questions 

How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions needed varies considerably depending upon your age, the nature and duration of the problem.

If you follow the advice given to you by your chiropractor and perform any exercises given, this will help to speed up and consolidate your recovery.

Most patients need between two and ten sessions.

Most patients notice an improvement within one to two sessions.

The aim is to get you as well as possible as quickly as possible. You will not be required to sign up for a number of sessions in advance and there is no requirement for a minimum number of sessions.

Do I need permission from my GP to come and see you?

No, chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession, which means that you do not need your GP to refer you; you can book an appointment directly with us. If your chiropractor feels that your condition is not suitable for chiropractic treatment then with your permission a referral will be made back to your GP.

Is chiropractic covered by private health insurance?

Most health insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment. It is best to check with your insurance company before you start treatment. We are registered with AXA PPP, Bupa and Aviva amongst others.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes chiropractic adjustments are extremely safe when performed by a fully trained and properly qualified chiropractor. Your chiropractor is trained to recognise conditions which might require referral elsewhere.

Will it hurt?

Chiropractic treatment is usually pain-free, unless an area is already inflamed and sore. Your treatment will be tailored to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible. Your permission is always sought before adjustments are made into any sore areas.

How will I feel after chiropractic treatment?

Some people feel better straight away, while some experience stiffness, tiredness or a mild headache particularly after their first session. These effects should last no more than 48 hours.

Is chiropractic suitable for children?

Yes, chiropractic care is gentle and suitable for children of all ages.

Is chiropractic suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, chiropractic treatment offers a safe, gentle way to relieve discomfort during pregnancy (after 12 weeks). 

Is chiropractic suitable for the elderly? 

Yes, chiropractic treatment is safe for the elderly, including people with arthritis or low bone density and osteoporosis as it only involves gentle, low force adjustments.

How much does it cost?

See Contacts and Fees

What should I wear for my treatment?

Loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement is ideal. There will be time for you to change your clothing if necessary and many people come in work clothing and change into shorts and t-shirt or a treatment gown.

In some instances, your chiropractor may need to ask you to remove some clothing. Privacy and a treatment gown are provided if needed, but please do say if you feel uncomfortable about undressing.

What if my condition can’t be helped by chiropractic care?

If the treatment you are receiving isn’t effective, the chiropractor will help you to plan your next move, whether it be to a medical doctor, massage therapist or another health care provider.

There have been occasions when people have come in for a consultation and the chiropractor has recognised that this is not the right place for them. They have then liased with another practitioner to get the person the appropriate care.

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